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28 Fantastic Programs in a 140+Page E-book

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28 Tried and Tested Minelab Explorer Programs that you can use  within 10 minutes of getting this E-book. The book additionally contains Hints & Tips, the best settings, screen interpretations, simple explanations of how to use the detectors menu options effectively.


E-Book Contents:

28 Programs many good for Worked Out sites.   

Why I always search in all metal mode

Display Cross Hair / Icons Explanations of use     

Noise Cancel

Using Manual Sensitivity

Make a Depth Ruler for “In Air” testing

Threshold Definition and use

Volume Limit and Volume Gain

Response Audio

Tone Id Sound

Tone Variability and Limits

Recovery Deep

Recovery Fast

Pinpoint Mode

Why I Don’t use Patterns

Noise Cancel Advanced Use for Deeper Coins etc

Many Minelab Explorer Specific Web-links / Web Tv Videos

Metal Detecting Organisations

Metal Detecting Clubs: UK  and USA Web-links

How to Repair Metal Detector search coils

 Get a Replacement Instruction manual free of charge



Using the Programs here are some of the “In Air” depth tests we have achieved, experienced detector users also know that depth obtained in the ground is deeper than in air due to the “halo” effect, where a small amount of corrosion occurs around an object which increases the surface area of the target, hence much deeper targets can be expected than the in air depth figures below.

                            In-Air        In the Ground

£1 Coin ................up to 14”       approx 18”

£2 Coin ................up to 15”       approx 20”

Roman Bronze ......up to 10”       approx 12”

Gold Ring (Beach)        15”         approx 16”


Detection depth depends upon the settings used

Low or no discrimination and the best program

Settings. Your hearing level also determines the depth of signals you can get.

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