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We all normally press Noise Cancel for the machine to automatically select a clear channel so interference is reduced from nearby metal detectors, however there is also another use to consider:


From the Menu : “Menu > Options > Noise


This gives you the option to manually select a Noise Channel.


This Function changes the Main operating Frequency of the Machine, as we know different targets: small coins etc react to different frequencies much better than others, upon measuring the Frequency of each channel on the Explorer we discovered that:


Channel 01 = 16.1Khz Highest Frequency Responds to Smaller Targets


Channel 02 = 15.7 Khz


Channel 03 = 15.2 Khz


Channel 04 = 14.8 khz


Channel 05 = 14.8 khz This is Default Factory Setting.


Channel 06 = 14.1 khz


Channel 07 = 13.7Khz


Channel 08 = 13.4 khz


Channel 09 = 13.1 khz


Channel 10 = 12.8khz


Channel 11 = 12.5khz Lowest Frequency Responds to Large Targets


Conclusion: Select Noise Channel Number 1 if Searching for Small Hammered Coins etc and keep away from other Detectors !

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